Ensure Your Production  Department Runs Efficiently with Less Downtime

A customized palletizing/depalletizing solution helps you manage manufacturing staffing issues. With fast installation and easy start up using trusted robotics for reliable maintenance you can ease workforce strain and keep production moving, here's how:

  • 10 picks per minute or up to 80 parts per minute
  • 10 KG payload with the option for 20KG next fiscal
  • Easily re-deployable so you can move around the plant and create pallet configurations quickly
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More Ways We Can Help Solve Your Production Line Problems 

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Easy Start Up

We know you want innovation on the ground, now. With quick deployment features, easy programming and portability you change up your palletizing needs fast to meet your production demands now and accommodate your vision for the future. 

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Trusted Components

Designed using world-class trusted partner companies such as ABB Robotics, Universal Robots, Allen Bradley and Cognex, equipment like the palletizer isn't bound by one brand so you'll get the benefit reliable components and accessible maintenance.

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Expert Support

Our professionals have more than 20 years of experience in industrial automation.  Technical experts are prepared to provide equipment and guidance to maximize your production including customization and on-site training.

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