Choosing your DCRS

There are a wide variety of data collection and reporting systems available to the industrial manufacturers, and choosing the right software for your production environment can be challenging. Hannafin can help you find and integrate the right solution for your company.

Benefits of Automated Data Collection and Reporting

Unplanned downtime is a huge cost in industrial manufacturing – the simple fact is that sometimes machines break or err. In industrial automation, reporting and identifying the problem quickly is key to getting production back online – and that’s why effective and efficient data collection and reporting systems can save you time and money.

Integrating automated data collection and reporting into your industrial manufacturing environment allows for real-time reporting and data collection – which means your decision-makers know immediately where and what the cause of the stoppage is. This often provides huge time savings – instead of manually identifying and investigating the issue, your team is able to immediately get to work on fixing the problem.

Automated reporting also allows you to efficiently analyze your processes and machines to identify opportunities for improvement in manufacturing. The centralization of data makes it easier for your employees to make connections between different aspects of production and recognize recurring problems – allowing you to increase your OEE.

Our Experience

Hannafin’s team is experienced at integrating a wide range of industrial data collection and reporting software solutions, including industry leaders TrakSys and Proficy. Our software designers have implemented data collection and reporting systems into a variety of industrial manufacturing environments including:

  • Web handling
  • Packaging
  • Fume Extraction
  • Automotive
  • Food and Beverage



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