Our software designers are expert in designing custom power and control software, implementing branded industrial software and supporting both branded and in-house power and control systems, as well as designing power distributions systems of 600VAC or less. With expertise in a wide variety of platforms, Hannafin provides solutions to seamlessly integrate with your existing industrial environment.

System Electrical & Panel Design

Our electrical and software designers can help you completely automate your electrical system for full integration, increasing machine efficiency and reducing waste to meet your sustainability goals. We have the ability to design custom electrical panels with accompanying automation software, and can integrate them into your existing production environment with minimal disruption to processing.

Machine Control Systems

Whether you need a new custom machine control system or want to optimize or better integrate your existing systems, Hannafin can help. Our team of software designers can design and improve custom machine control systems for a wide range of equipment types and industries, including web handling, fume extraction, food and beverage, packaging and automotive – always with a focus on efficient production, operator safety and high quality control.

PLC/SCADA System Design and Programming

Improve OEE with custom designed programmable logic controllers and supervisory control and data acquisition. Hannafin’s team can create and integrate SCADA systems for improved real-time reporting and error analysis, so you can identify and fix manufacturing issues with minimal downtime. We are also able to design and/or integrate industrial PLC software to automate your machinery for improved efficiency, as well as integrate PLCs with a new or existing SCADA system to ensure clear communication between all levels of production.

Variable Speed Drive and Servo System Applications

Hannafin’s team are experienced in programming applications for variable speed drives and servomechanisms. Our software designers ensure machine precision and efficiency in all aspects of design and/or integration, and can program easy-to-use and responsive human-machine interfaces for motors and drives.

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What Our Clients Say

Procter & Gamble

“Thank you so much for your great work / partnership in 2017”

Yaser Shehto
Procter & Gamble

“Hannafin Automation completely rebuilt our machine. It is now one of the best running machines we have. I was very impressed with the team. They were very helpful and took the time to explain how the changes would affect the operation of the machine.”

Ron Robinson
Deca Cables

“Highly recommended efficient, competent and friendly service providers. I would ask for their help again”

McLeod Dam



”We cannot express enough how helpful Reno and your team have been in a stressful situation. We will most certainly recommend you to anyone who has any issues in the future”


Rushnell Family Services



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