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Innovative custom robotics solutions

Figure out a robotics solution to automate systems that are repetitive and tedious. Includes custom layouts and end of arm tooling designs

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Optimize your production line

Innovative robotics can improve your existing manufacturing processes and increase throughput.

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ABB Robotics 

Achieve higher cycle times, heavier lifting loads and complex operations with our ABB Robotics Installation and Validation.

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Universal Robotics 

Achieve safe human to machine collaboration in small floor footprint facilities


Universal Robotics Repairs 

Even if it is rare, we will repair all models of UR

Palletizing Simulations

Robotic Simulations

Simulations are worth their weight in gold when exploring solutions. 

Our Palettizing simulations can even be don online.

Palletizing Simulations

Looking for automation expertise to improve your manufacturing operation? 

Our eastern Ontario robotics experts are ready to talk about your production needs now.



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